• Breaking new ground in amphibious off-road vehicles 

VIKING represents years of research and development work to create a vehicle for the stable niche of corporate, government and recreational off-road and amphibious use.


  • ON-ROAD / OFF-ROAD / AMPHIBIOUS: Enabling new logistics 

VIKING is road legal as a conventional car, off-road cuapable like a tracked vehicle and amphibious to negotiate water obstacles as world best amphibians perform;

VIKING is reliable for extreme off-road, superior to competitors in terms of comfort, off-road capability, maneuverability, roll-over resistance and endurance.

VIKING is a unique product for door-to-door round a clock delivery of personnel and cargo to remote areas regardless natural, climatic and weather conditions.



VIKING combines Vehicle Type Approval, allowing it to operate on road as a conventional car, and is comparable to a tracked vehicle with world-leading amphibious capabilities.

Off-road, overwhelmingly superior to comparable amphibious vehicles in terms of comfort, cross-country ability, maneuverability, roll-over resistance and endurance.

Safety and comfort when driving off-road, particularly in remote or hazardous areas, regardless of natural, climatic and weather conditions.

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