• Viking is able to increase the mobility and efficiency of oil and mining and energy companies network in remote areas as a staff vehicle, since the use of large all-terrain amphibious inefficient delivery duty personnel, cargo and diagnostic equipment to the destination;
  • VIKING - Effective help in solving the problems of socio-economic development of regions of the Arctic zone in the areas of health, law enforcement, search and rescue activities and the provision of transport accessibility in remote areas.
  • VIKING - the ability to avoid damage to the surface layer of soil on the territory of the tundra of the Arctic zone


  • Vikings and modifications are effective in agriculture as a means of transport by chemical processing of agricultural fields as an alternative means of small aircraft;
  • VIKING effective in the forest industry worldwide as a vehicle for the smooth delivery of personnel and cargo, and diagnostic equipment to the place of harvesting and monitoring them.
  • Viking - a new level of problem solving in the field of wildlife conservation with the use of vehicles on tires with low pressure gentle effect on the natural environment in protected areas (national parks, nature reserves) for the monitoring of their condition.


  • Viking - a new level of transport safety and comfort to millions of outdoor enthusiasts, fans of hunting and fishing and eco-tourism
  • Viking - it is an opportunity for millions of visitors to national parks and reserves in touch with wildlife, explore the splendor and variety of flora and fauna without compromising its delicate ecological balance;
  • Viking - a new level of environmental and transport safety and comfort for companies engaged organization active recreation and eco-tourism.


  • Viking - a new level of response to emergency situations in the organization of search and rescue and diving operations as a vehicle for ambulance, fire and law enforcement;
  • In the US, 75% of all emergencies related to floods. The total damage from floods in the country each year exceeds 5 billion. dollars.
  • Rescue Services are experiencing catastrophic shortage of life-saving equipment and technology for flood-prone areas. The boats, army amphibious ATVs and aircraft are available in limited numbers, their use for rescue operations during floods associated with serious costs that dramatically reduces their effectiveness . Furthermore army equipment has limitations for use in urban environments, are extremely expensive to operate and has a limited lifespan.
  • Viking - the ideal solution for search and rescue operations with the participation of the Flood and flooding. VIKING can successfully overcome any land and water obstacles to quickly get to the affected regions.

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