ATON IMPULSE has secured a $1.5m co-investment commitment from AK BARS Capital, the investment arm of Tatarstan’s largest bank AK BARS Bank and Moscow-based RVK Seed Fund to for R&D of a flagship model of VIKING all-terrain amphibious vehicle.

ATON IMPULSE is currently looking to place a further $25m of equity, to close a current round of financing for its serial vehicle production.

With a growing order book from Russian and international purchasers, the company presents an opportunity to become a leading player in the lucrative specialist vehicle sector for professional, rescue and emergency services.


The company was established in 2001 by Mr. Arthur Touktarov with the purpose to launch serial assembly of VIKING all-terrain vehicles.

1. To date a small number of VIKING vehicles have been produced for Russian industrial, government and private customers, including one of Russia’s largest petrochemicals producers and Russia’s emergency and disaster relief agency.

2. ATON IMPULSE has worked closely with these early customers to optimize and refine our designs. Our numerous contacts within many corporate and individual customers who had an opportunity to test our off-road vehicle have convinced us that there is a real demand for our vehicles as they meet as closely as possible the requirements of all groups of potential customers who live and work in extreme conditions.

3. We have also thoroughly studied the market of off-road vehicles both in Russia and overseas before we managed to develop a vehicle which enjoys unique cross-country capabilities, stability and endurance. There are no similar vehicles compatible with the VIKING vehicle in terms of specification and utilities manufactured overseas.

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